An interplay between sound painting, composition and free improvisation

Lisa Hofmaninger - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Judith Schwarz - extended drums

The two artists Lisa Hofmaninger and Judith Schwarz, who have been working together very successfully for several years, dedicate themselves to the archetypal form of clashing sounds from the East. Similar to the traditional davul-zurna ensembles, which are widespread in the entire oriental region, "blowing" and "beating" meet: Against the background of an architecture of the distant eastern past, soprano saxophone and percussion, bass clarinet and slit drum find themselves in the contemporary dialogue and the extraordinary interpretation of the two musicians. 

The source materials for the musicians' sounding together are their own compositions, atmospheric images and stories, which, however, are always coordinated with the acoustics and atmosphere of the location. The infatuation with sound and the childlike joy of experimenting with the instruments form the essence of this ensemble, which should ultimately cast a spell over the listener. 

"A welcome balance between cloud and sky..."

... Backed by the intuitive drumming of Judith Schwarz and brought into unexpected directions by soprano saxophonist Lisa Hofmaninger."  

The New York City Jazz Record