VOL. 0 "Improduction"



"Thoughts about SOUND COLLECTOR"

Our Inspiration... 

„Improduction“ is inspired by the personal thoughts of each collective member, concernining the meaning of the project title “sound collector“ and our fundamental intentions. 

„Collecting Sounds“ means to us, how collecting unknown sounds can enrich and sustainably shape your own musical language. Our interest and curiosity in the unknown and the diversity. A call out into the world to leave the familiar surroundings and to get involved in the unknown.

The wish that the dialogue between cultures spreads and small impulses such as a sound collector cooperation help to establish connections that will last.
 A small impulse can make big waves if it is carried on.” 

(DUO hofmaninger/schwarz) 


"My thoughts on the visual introduction of our project SOUND COLLECTOR were about our collecting process, which is always also a discovery of something new. Every new sound we collect leads to several new discoveries." 

(Johannes Kerschbaummayr) 


Music & Improvisation: 

„... Absorption- Reflection- Breaking- Integration- Spreading... 

It starts with little impulses from different sides. Each sound spreads out like a wave and pushes to open up the small circle. There is a call, waiting for the modified echo, which goes from monophony to polyphony. During the improvisation a transition happens after some interactions of contrasts. But in the end a single sound stays enriched with new colors.“ 

(DUO hofmaninger/schwarz)


"I wanted to find a visual translation for this approach. A single frequency can start a vibration on a liquid surface and reveals a beautiful expansion. Within a moment that frequency shows a variety of expanding patterns of shifting shapes and intensities. For me this is the Idea of the project SOUND COLLECTOR. We started with a single frequency and let it lead us to yet unknown destinations, shapes and patterns of sound all over the world."

(Johannes Kerschbaummayr)