Vol.1 - Romania


Ana-Cristina Leonte

Video: "Nothing Can Rule"

Topic: "Responsibility & Identity"

I had a lot of thoughts and second thoughts about the lyrics...Of course I wrote some ideas at first and then spent quite some time to refine them into the statement I've finally made, a very big one, I think. The refrain and the main ideas of the song just came to me, and even I couldn't fully relate to them, but I knew somewhere deep inside that I'm on the right path and I have to let go of obsessing in controlling everything. I need to let music speak through me. Only recently I realised that I was the one lacking clarity within myself, not the lyrics, the doubts spoke at times but luckily I left the lyrics intact at some point and I'm glad I did. For some years now I discovered the book "A Course in Miracles", I mean, it was revealed to me by some beautiful being I respect. It's more then a book, it's a spiritual guidance for me. I went off and on with it, but never really off since I still I turn to it and some lessons and beliefs I took from it reside in my day to day being. Recently I read an interview about the book and by doing that I at some point I remembered our song "Nothing can Rule" and starting reciting the lyrics in my head. I realised that it preaches the same thing and that my lyrics are an extension, a leave from that big tree of knowledge about unconditional Love. All my doubts were lifted! A miracle indeed!"

(Ana- Cristina Leonte)


"Nothing can rule… made me think about independence in the bigger picture, politically, socially, traditionally.

How much independence can and shall we keep in a social structure, like a nation, a cultural homogeneous group or a family? A majority of people agree on common „rules“ and everybody has to follow them. We are all ruled somehow by someone or some majority. It’s a system that brings a sense of security at the cost of freedom and independence. Nothing can rule love shows the other side of the medal. Emotions are not rational and therefore can’t really be ruled. Love is often chaotic. It is fluid."


(Johannes Kerschbaummayer)





"First of all when the idea of the collaboration was presented to me, my first thought was like: yey, I'm finally playing in an all girl band! A bit silly this thought of mine, because in music language shouldn't matter things like this, right? Though if you look at the numbers, it is not so common to see a lady drumming or playing bass clarinet, right? So it is special and I embraced that with sincere enthusiasm.

Our time working together face to face was very short, but I think this brought a new approach to the song and a different development.

Because I made a few experiments and recorded in the intimacy of my home and my solitude, this brought a very sensitive deep vibe to the song.“

(Ana- Cristina Leonte)



"In the visual artwork of „Nothing can rule…“ I wanted to show this contrast.

A turning salt-crystal multiplies into a kind of army of followers, strictly obeying the rules put upon all of them. No chance of breaking out or going against the system. The only way to escape this tight corset of rules for them, is to dissolve. The crystals melting away symbolize our emotions in a process of breaking out of the system followed by our mind, while the rhythm of rules tries to stop the melting. It stands for our rational attempts of controlling our emotions.

But nothing can rule love.

This „falling apart“ shows a metamorphosis to a chaotic scenery which brings out something surprisingly calming.

Millions of grains of sand out of dissolved crystals, flying around and piling up chaotically, not only stand for our emotions but also for our individual insignificance. Once we realize our own insignificance in this world, it must be seen as a new kind of freedom. Nothing can rule…"

(Johannes Kerschbaummayer)