A national art collective searching new influences, exchanging ideas across national borders, opening up the sound and visualizing it.

Cultural dialogue through music is the essence of “SOUND COLLECTOR”. Bass clarinetist and saxophonist Lisa Hofmaninger and drummer Judith Schwarz have created an exciting artistic route through countries with strong musical identities they will discover in the next 2 years (Romania,Turkey, Iran and more to come).

In close cooperation with local musicians the two musicians try to rediscover, understand and reinterpret cultural and musical traditions that are characteristic of the respective countries. Supported by a great national art collective the process of exchange will result in a visual composition each telling it’s own story made up of a specific topic that emerges during the intensive cultural dialouge.

Video - Serie


feat. DUO Hofmaninger/Schwarz


feat. A - C Leonte (Voice/Violin/FX)


feat. Canberk Ulaş (Duduk)


feat. Diane Ensemble (Choir)


feat. Mariá Portugal (extended Drums)


feat. Sonia Sanchez Martinez (dance/shoes) & Pablo Rega (guit/FX)


Bringing together a national collective of artists, musicians Lisa Hofmaninger (soprano saxophone / bass clarinet) and Judith Schwarz (extended percussion), Sounddesigner Arthur Fussy, and Visual Artist Johannes Kerschbaummayr have been involved in the project. This cross-artistic approach allows them to wrap the cross-national dialogue in a visual sound envelope for the first time.

Judith Schwarz (extended percussion)
Judith Schwarz (extended percussion)
Lisa Hofmaninger (soprano saxophone / bass clarinet)
Lisa Hofmaninger (soprano saxophone / bass clarinet)
Visual Artist: Johannes Kerschbaummayr
Visual Artist: Johannes Kerschbaummayr
Sounddesign: Arthur Fussy
Sounddesign: Arthur Fussy